What we do

We're professional window & gutter cleaners.

Say goodbye to dirty windows, soffits, fascias, solar panels, signage, gutters & conservatories! We cover the Spen Valley area, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Bradford, Leeds and surrounding areas!

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If it's mucky, we'll clean it!

We're equipped to clean houses, flats, shop fronts, conservatories, skylights, patio doors, warehouse siding, signage, solar panels and more. If it's mucky, we'll make it clean again!

Here's how we work

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Request a quote.

Contact us and let us know about the windows you need cleaning. Try and include as much info as possible, including size, quantity of windows and whether you need them cleaned inside and out. Let us know how often you want your cleaning done! If you can, send us some photos too!

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We'll review your quote.

We'll take a look at the info you've provided us with. We may visit you for more complicated jobs. Then, we'll send you the cost to clean your windows.

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Cleaning time.

We promise to arrive on time, clean your windows to a high standard and return based on the schedule you've requested.

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Cleaning services we offer.

Some of the exterior cleaning services we offer:

  • Residential window cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Commercial window cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Soffit cleaning
  • Fascia cleaning
  • UPVC cleaning
  • Builder's cleans
  • Conservatory cleaning
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Skylight cleaning
  • Glass office partition cleaning
  • Glass balustrade cleaning
  • Warehouse/building siding cleaning
  • Signage cleaning

How we clean windows

How do we go about cleaning windows?


First, we carry out a thorough inspection on our initial visit. We're looking for damage that you may not have previously noticed. We may ask you to sign a declaration to acknowledge any marks, scuffs or scratches before we take you on as a customer.

Added to our system.

We use a professional cleaning management system that'll let you know the day before we are coming. We may ask you to open garden gates or clean up after your dog. To make life easier, you can pay electronically through this app, because who has cash in 2024?

First clean

The first clean will take longer than normal. We need to clean the windows multiple times and rinse them extremely well. If this step is skipped, you'll get dirty runs leftover from residue. We believe in doing a proper job, everytime, from the start.


We'll let the pure water soak for a while. During this time, we may use a glazing scraper to gently remove tree sap, bird droppings, spider webs and specks of paint from the window. We may need to reclean a window or stubborn area. We always try to only use pure water on your windows - no chemicals!


Using a specialist window cleaning brush, we agitate the wet frames and glazing to loosen dirt. Traffic, road works, trees, plants and the environment all deposit a film of dust on your window. We take extra care not to damage your home, by spending a little more time and paying attention.


We use a purified water (which has been finely filtered to remove sediment, leaving clarified H20) to completely rinse the windows and frames. Using this technique saves you money. Please note: the glass will still look wet when we've finished, but these droplets will dry leaving a smear-free finish.

What Our Customers Say:

Aaron C

Turned up when they said they would. Cleaned our windows perfectly. Very careful not to damage our plants too. Very happy with Ta-ra Muck.

February 2022

Jeanette S

Can definitely recommend Ta-ra Muck 👍🏻 my windows are gleaming 🤩

April 2023

Zoé H

I tried three different window cleaners before Ta-ra Muck. They keep you informed when they're coming (with a text the night before), they do their job and leave any garden chairs, tables e.t.c how they found them. And, the windows are nice and clean!

February 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you use water-fed poles?
Many reasons.
  1. Firstly, for us, it's safer. We need to use a ladder very rarely. Because the ladder stays in the van, we won't put big holes in your lawn or knock off any pebble dashing or rendering.
  2. Second, it's quicker, which means we can offer you better value.
  3. Third, it works really well, producing superb results.
Can you clean my windows traditionally?
We do not clean exterior windows traditionally, using a squeegee, applicator and bucket. But we do use this time-proven approach on interior windows. Currently, we're developing a system to let us use pure water inside too!
Why should I use Ta-ra Muck?
We won't trample on your prized plants. We aim to leave only clean windows behind. If you like your gate closing, we'll do that. We're careful not to damage your car. Other window cleaners seem to rush and cut corners. We don't. We strive to be friendly and honest. Ben, our main cleaner, has a bit of a resting grumpy face, but he is approachable.
Why are you called Ta-ra Muck?
Ta-ra is informal Northern English slang for goodbye. Hence, our name means "Goodbye" muck, because we scrub the dirt away.

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