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Why choose Us?

Why choose Us? We're reliable, trustworthy and reachable.

We are great communicators and will let you know when we have a gutter cleaning appointment for your property.

Gutter debris in a bucket

Waste disposal We compost gutter waste.

We remove the debris from your gutters and compost it for use in our garden.

Why choose Us?

We do a thorough job. We go above and beyond.

We check your downpipes for blockages, clear any accessible downpipe outlets and even send before and after images so you know the gutter has been cleaned properly.

Why do gutters need cleaning?

Over time, leaves, moss, seeds, mortar and other items (we've found a chisel) accumulate in your gutters and begin to rot. This turns into a thick sludge that can block gutters, retain water and put a strain on gutter connections, causing them to leak.
Gutters filled with leaves

Our gutter cleaning process

How we carry out gutter cleaning work.


First, we inspect the gutters. We check gutter clips are sound and look for any leaking joints. We also make a note of where debris is gathering in the gutters. Typically, we'll use ladders to inspect your gutters.



Next, using gutter cleaning tools, or a gutter clearing vacuum, we'll remove the muck that gathers in the gutters. This can several hours to do a thorough job. We'll send you before and after photos for your records.


Rinsing and final check

Whenever possible, we'll give the gutters a soak test by flushing through water. This lets us make sure everything is flowing as it should. Finally, we'll tidy up any mess we've made during the cleaning, remove the debris for composting and get out of your way.

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Why do gutters need cleaning?

Because just rainwater alone is not always sufficient to keep them clear.

Gutter outlets can get blocked by bits of tile, mortar or vegetation (we've removed bushes from gutter downpipes). Once this happens, the gutter starts to backfill and overflow. This puts the gutter brackets under a lot of strain and can cause sagging gutters that leak or force the joints between sections to move apart.

A slow-draining downpipe means the gutters quickly get overwhelmed during a heavy downpour. If the rain constantly spills over the gutter edge onto your wall - this can eventually lead to damp inside the property.

With properly maintained and clean gutters, the water has an easy route to run off the roof, into the guttering and finally head to the drain.

Home insurers, like LV and Admiral, typically recommend you have an annual gutter inspection and clean. The frequency of clean really depends on your local area though. You may live directly under a tree that sheds leaves in Autumn, filling up the gutters each year. Other homeowners find they can go several years between cleans, as their home isn't near trees and the roof is moss-free.

Why choose Ta-ra Muck to clean your gutters

  • We're honest. Upon inspection, some gutters don't need cleaning. If that happens (and it has), we've told the property owner and saved them some money.
  • We work safely. We own a high-power gutter vacuum, capable of cleaning gutters up to 8.4 metres (27.5 feet) high. We also use ladders where needed (we've completed a working at height course and use ladder safety devices.).
  • Our prices include debris removal. Gutters are basically large composting trays. We remove the debris for use in our private garden.
  • We're trusted by businesses & estate agents. We work with established estate agents and private landlords to clear gutters.
  • We take photos. For every gutter we clean, we take before and after photos - so you can see how clean your gutters are.

Good value and did excellent job. Would definitely recommend

Kenneth Spence - Gutter cleaning customer.

Gutter cleaning prices

Prices start from:

Semi-detached/terraced Detached
1-2 bedrooms: £60 1-2 bedrooms: £80
3 bedrooms: £80 3 bedrooms: £90
4 bedrooms: £90 4 bedrooms: £100
5 bedrooms: £100 5 bedrooms: £110
Extensions & conservatory: £5 extra Extensions & conservatory: £5 extra

Some of the gutters we've cleaned

Full Gutters Empty Gutters 01 Gutter full of moss Clean gutter Clean gutter Gallery Thumb 6 A small plant growing in a downspout is removed A bush with a very dense root structure is removed from a gutter Starting a job with the gutter vacuum

Why do gutters in Cleckheaton need cleaning?

Cleckheaton and surrounding areas are very green, with lots of trees. Trees are one of the biggest blockers of gutters, as leaves and twigs fall from the tree and create tiny dams in the gutters and downpipe bends. Over time, these break down (through composting) and encourage the growth of plants. Moss is another common gutter blocker, as it eventually breaks free from the tiles it grows on and runs down the roof into the gutters, where it absorbs water and can cause the gutters to begin sagging.

It also rains a lot in Cleckheaton, the average between 1971 and 2020 was 838mm each year. In especially wet years, Cleckheaton can see as much as 225.2mm of precipitation! July 2023 to December 2023 was the wettest period in the UK in the last 130 years. Any weaknesses in the gutters can be made worse by heavy rain.

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