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Cleaning windows throughout West Yorkshire
What is pure water window cleaning?
Tap water contains impurities, like minerals and compounds that our bodies require. However, these particles (measured in Parts Per Million) are what cause dirty marks when water dries on glass. We remove these impurities through a two-stage filtering process, first through reverse osmosis then through a de-ionization vessel. With everything else filtered out, it is possible to scrub and rinse a window using solely water - leaving it perfectly clean and removing the need to use soap or other detergents.
What do you clean as standard?
We don't just clean your glass! We also clean the surrounding frames, sills and doors. We also like to wipe ground floor drip bars, as these get extremely dirty with spider webs, brick and traffic pollution.
Why are the windows left wet?
The benefit of using pure water means we can brush and rinse the window, leave it wet and when it dries, there's nothing but clean glass left behind!
Do you clean in the rain? Is that a problem?
It's actually helpful for us to clean in the rain, up to a point. Rainwater, thanks to the water cycle, is of a similar (slightly less) purity level to the water we use for cleaning. Thefore, if your windows are wet already with rainwater, it helps to soften up dirt and essentially pre-conditions it for cleaning. Rain shouldn't prove to be a problem after cleaning either. It's wind that's a real kicker, because it makes the poles harder to control so we're unlikely to be found scrubbing windows in a gale!
What if I'm not happy?
Contact us as soon as possible. We always endeavour to sort problems in a speedy and agreeable manner.
How frequently do you clean windows?
It's best to go for a four-weekly clean, in our opinion. We can also clean windows every 8 weeks, though this will require more effort to remove dirt - so we charge a little more for this service. If you're moving home and need your windows cleaning for photos, then we can do a one-off clean. This will be priced higher than a regular maintenance clean.
What payment methods do you accept?
We try to be as flexible as possible. You can pay us by:

  • Card - Using our secure mobile payment terminal
  • Bank transfer
  • Direct debit - secured via a service known as GoCardless
  • PayPal - though we incur substantial fees for this
  • Cheque
  • Cash - You can leave this somewhere secure (and pre-agreed), if you're not in.
Do you work in winter?
We clean all-year round. Windows still get dirty (if not more so) during winter months!

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